Enterprise Architecture Solutions (EAS), a specialized Enterprise Architecture consultancy established in 2000, were the original developers of the Essential Project tools. EAS has broad experience of developing and managing enterprise operating models and related strategies for large-scale, global organisations across a variety of industries.

The Essential Project tools were initially developed to help EAS consultants to manage and analyse the architecture information needed to meet the objectives of a client engagement (e.g. current state architecture review, IT strategy development, SOA strategy).

However, over time, as the tools matured, EAS realised that clients would benefit greatly if project outputs were delivered using these same tools. By leaving clients with deliverables in the form of an extensible knowledge repository and a series of customisable reports (as opposed to the rather limited format of documents and spreadsheets), EAS were able to provide material that could be re-used or extended to deliver long-term value.

You can find out more about EAS at http://www.enterprise-architecture.com