From Version 6 onwards, a new Meta Class was introduced which allows you to add and manage custom analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, PIWIK, Matomo) to Essential Viewer via the repository. 

In your repository, browse to...

EA Class > EA Support > Essential Viewer > Report Configuration > Report Constant

Locate the instance called "Analytics"

In the slot called "Report Constant Value" paste in the tracking script for your analytics package. Be sure to paste in the entire block as provided by the package including the <script>...</script> tags

Publish your repository and your analytics code will be included on each page of Essential Viewer.

You can verify the analytics code is present by performing a "View Source" in your browser.


Due to security restrictions designed to protect the repository, it's not possible to add script code to the repository in Essential Cloud via the user interface. This means you will be unable to add any analytics scripts.

There is a workaround which involves adding the code via Protege (used as part of the open source version of Essential).


1. Snapshot your repository as a backup

2. Export the repository using the Protege Export feature.

3. Add the relevant code in via the Protege desktop application

4. Import the repository using the Protege Import feature

If you are a cloud user and require assistance with this feature then get in touch with Essential Support directly.

An alternative solution for adding analytics to Viewer within Essential Cloud will be available in a future release.