Making a contribution

  • You can submit any contributions directly on the Essential Project forums as a ZIP file attachment or for the more technically inclined, on GitHub by branching and issuing a pull-request. ... tributions.
  • Don't forget to include some form of readme.txt file for users to understand how to use the contribution, including some notes on modelling approach if required
  • If your view has additional dependencies, e.g. 3rd party libraries, tools, etc please provide links to the appropriate sites so they can be reviewed and downloaded separately. This allows any users to download and explore your submission as early as possible at their own risk.

When making a contribution you should try to provide the following information:

  • Name: A meaningful name of the View, Connector, etc (e.g. Business Process Summary, PowerBI Connector)
  • Contribution Type: Business View, Application View, Integration Utility, Fix for Existing View, etc
  • Description: A summary of the scope and functionality of the View, Integration or change.
  • Status: Production-ready, prototype
  • External Dependencies (e.g. third-party libraries or tools required that are not already part of Essental Viewer): Yes/No (provide links)
  • License: The open-source license terms you are offering your contribution under, e.g. GNU GPL
  • Author/Credits: The name(s) to be credited for this contribution

Once you have posted the submission, we'll then QA it and, if we think the submission is suitable, integrate that into a future release. As part of that process, we perform a code review then create the appropriate instances and menu configuration to integrate the submission fully with Viewer. This ensures any code that is formally released has been quality checked by the Essential Project team.

We look forward to your contribution.

The Essential Project Team